1st January 2019 – 31st December 2019

Full Playing Men / Women
–  Full playing and competition rights
Full Playing Men / Women (Over 70 years)
– Full playing and competition rights
9-Hole Men / Women
– 9 holes per day
9-Hole Men / Women (Over 70 years)
– 9 holes per day
Full playing (Age 19-30)
– Full playing and competition rights
Junior (Age 8 – 18)
– Full playing and competition rights with exceptions
Pre-Junior (Under 8)
– limited to playing the course under adult supervision
Summer (1 October – 31 March)
– Permanent residents only
New Full Playing Membership (New to Golf – NZ Resident)
– first 12 months then full subscription applies
New 9-Hole Membership  (New to Golf – NZ Resident)
– first 12 months then full subscription applies  – 9 holes per day
New Junior Membership (New to Golf / District – NZ Resident)
– Full playing and competition rights with exceptions
Overseas Visitor
Adult: Minimum one years subscription paid in advance*Junior/Intermediate: Minimum one years subscription paid in advance*

 $30 surcharge applies if paid in installments by Automatic Payment.
* Payable in full at time of joining


SUBSCRIPTION CONDITIONS – Membership year runs from 1st January – 31st December. Subscriptions are invoiced annually at the end of December and due by 31st January.

  • Members who intend to play at ANY Affiliated golf club after 1st January must ensure their subs are paid beforehand, either by paying in full or arranging an Approved Payment Plan (APP) with the Club Administrator.
  • On the 1st February, a late fee may apply to all outstanding accounts that do not have an APP in place. 
  • Unless prior arrangements have been made with the Club Administrator, Members who have not paid their subs in full by 31st December will be sent a reminder letter or email. If payment is not made promptly, they will be removed from Dot Golf and may be resigned from the club.


APPROVED PAYMENT PLANS (APP) – Members who pay partial payments by way of Internet banking, cash or cheque payments, must pay at least one month in advance, and if payments fall behind, they will be sent a reminder letter/email.  If catch-up payments are not made promptly, they may be removed from Dot Golf.  Please see the Club Administrator to work out your payment plan.  A $30 annual levy will apply to all APPs, except for quarterly and half yearly payments.